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Upgrades to the Mobile App
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Upgrades to the Mobile App

In January of 2017 we are releasing a new version of the mobile platform. The new platform has an improved user interface, added CRM functionality including the ability to create and manage Inquiries and Quotes. In addition, the new app has tighter integration with mobile features already built in from the device including emailing and calling from your phone to auto generate inquiries in the system to simplify CRM tracking with minimal input from the user.


The CRM app has enhanced functionality designed for Sales Reps in the field. Now the app allows users to pull up customer information and add new customers. When in a customer record the user has the option to see a history of all communications with this customer (emails, phone calls) as well as quotes and orders. Now the user can also create new Quotes, new Inquiries and new Sales Orders well. In addition, they rep can save customer signatures and images into the CRM module as well. Of course all the information gets immediately uploaded back into the database and is accessible by the back office team.

Inventory Lookup

Another module that got a face lift is the inventory lookup module. Users can now look up availability of inventory by product and then drill down into specific ventures or lots to see how much of each lot is available and where it is (which warehouse or container for in transit goods).

More Customization and Configuration options available

With the popularity of the first two versions of the mobile app, we decided to build out the framework to allow for the same level of customization that has traditionally been available in the back office system. Now all of the functionality available in the Sales and Purchases and Logistics modules are available in the mobile platform and you have the choice to include or hide any of the fields currently in use in your back office system in the mobile app. For example, even if your back office system has 30 fields related to the logistics tracking on shipments, you can limit the mobile interface to only include the three most important fields that you think would might need in the field.



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