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Using Alerts to Solve Unique Problems-Part 1

Using Alerts to Solve Unique Problems-Part 1

In this series of blog posts we are going to discuss how VISCO has helped three businesses find solutions to three very different problems using the ‘Alerts’ feature. ‘Alerts’ in VISCO come standard with every install. Some of the most universally appreciated “Out Of Box” alerts include:

  • Inventory that is low in stock
  • Containers that are past their ETD and have not yet shipped
  • Sales by customer.

We also have the ability to add more alerts to this section or manipulate current alerts to help customers with their specific needs.

A seafood importer based in the Middle East came to us looking for a way to track Containers Received in the last 7 weekdays. We decided to add an alert to the container section where the user can see all of the containers received in the last 7 weekdays.

containers received alert

We also gave them the ability to view the container’s details and the ability to view or edit container information.

container alert details

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