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VISCO’s 5.0 CRM module allows you to track Customer and Vendor Opportunities, Sourcing Request, Customer Quotes as well as manage contacts.


The Opportunities module in VISCO that allows you to track potential prospects (leads) for sales or purchases.  Within Opportunities VISCO can track Sample request, product pricing request, specification request, and more. Each opportunity can be assigned request, result, and completion dates, product details and Shipping instructions. Opportunities can also be directly associated with a Customer or vendor, and assigned to specific internal personnel.


The Sourcing Module will allow users to further detail Pricing request with vendor and directly link these sourcing request.   Pipeline reports gives visibility to Sales Managers to see the conversion rates from Opportunities to Quotes, and from Quotes to Orders to track the effectiveness of each rep, product, customer and supplier.

Within the Sourcing you will also have the ability to review not just simply the price of purchase goods, but estimate the over all landed cost for your sourcing request, including charges like Duty, Tariffs, Freight, and more.


Once you have received pricing from your sourcing request you can then simply turn that directly into a quote to your customer. Linking these two items together gives you the ability to predict profit, and further analysis Opportunity request and Sales Trends.


VISCO My Events Calendar and Alerts found on the Dashboard allow you to quickly identify action items like expiring quotes and opportunity due dates for follow up, simply hover over the  item to see more details, or click on the calendar event to go directly to the quote to check on it status and follow up with the customer.


VISCO by default has many alerts such as a list of late shipments, inventory with low stock, sales by top 20 customers, and Opportunities due today. Theses alerts can also be customized to show things like individual sales rep’s lead times, new customer turnover rates, and much more. Ask your support representative for more details.


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