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VISCO User Conference 2013-email alerts and report

VISCO User Conference 2013-email alerts and report

Tim gives examples of how email can be utilized to get critical information to management and sales.  The enhanced integration with e-mail allows users to email documents out out the system, schedule report to be run and emailed at specified times, and send email alert triggers based on certain criteria.  Examples include:


  • Inventory Report e-mailed to all seals reps each morning
  • Open Order Report e-mailed to customers once a week
  • PO created alert-Email management for Approval any time a PO/SO is generated.  Link back into system so user can approve right from mobile device.
  • 3 month supply alert -Alert to show all products where available inventory does not meet forecasted demand
  • Approval Alert -Alert when customer approves order via custom report
  • Credit hold alert -Alert trader, or management any time a customer goes on credit hold.  This can be done manually or triggered automatically based on an order
  • SO Change Alert-Any time a PO gets changed the trader on the PO side, and the trader on the pre-allocated SO side get notified.  Link back into po change screen so user can view change text from mobile device
  • Low Margin AlertAnytime an invoice is generated with a margin under x% email management so they can act prior to invoice going out.  Link into invoice summary report so user can analyze why the margin is off.
  • Credit Limit Alert-taking customer beyond credit limit.  Link into credit summary report
  • Incoming shipment AlertAlert for any containers coming in the next 7 days where customs paperwork has not been filed
  • FDA Hold Alert-Alert for any containers that get held up by FDA.  Sent to customer, sales rep.
  • Deliveries Alert-Alert for any so’s which have not yet shipped, but ETD is today or later
  • Inquiries Assign Alert-email when a user has assigned an inquiry to you

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