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Xero Integration Now Available

Xero Integration Now Available

We are proud to announce that VISCO now also integrates with Xero accounting software (

The integration itself will function very similar to the QuickBooks integration with the following integration points:


1-Customer Validation-As new customers are added in VISCO, or changes are made to existing customers, those changes get reflected automatically in Xero

2-Vendor Validation– As new vendors are added in VISCO, or changes are made to existing vendors, those changes get reflected automatically in Xero

3-Invoices-Invoices are generated in VISCO.  Typically, the user would print or email the invoice that is generated by VISCO and send this to the customer.  When the invoice is first generated it has a “Pending” status at which point changes can still be made.  Invoices are then posted in batches as often as the user likes (most people do this at the end of each day), at which point the invoices all appear in Xero.  Payment on invoices are applied directly in Xero.

3-Bills-Bills related to Costs of Goods sold are entered in VISCO.  When the bills are entered, they get applied against specific shipments (in VISCO terms “ventures”) which helps users to see what the real costs are on each shipment and what the actual profit is on each transaction.  These bills are then posted in batches so they appear in Xero.  Payments are made directly from Xero.

All accounting functions are handled in Xero including all financial statements and accounting related reporting.

At this point the inventory value is not updated in real time in Xero, so there is a month end journal entry required to Inventory and Cost of Goods sold based on inventory valuation report generated from VISCO.  Some users prefer this method anyway so we are planning to leave this as is for the time being.

If you are an existing Xero customer considering using VISCO, or an existing VISCO customer considering using Xero, please feel free to contact us with any additional questions or a to schedule a web demonstration to see how the integration works.

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