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August 2014 – Release 4.2 Notes

August 2014 – Release 4.2 Notes

Main Menu Improvements:

Dynamic Quick Links: You can decide which Quick Links you would like to include from the Main Menu for your company’s VISCO installation. Popular options include Inventory Management, Sales Order Assign, Invoice Maintenance or your favorite Custom Report. Quick Links can be virtually any screen in VISCO. You can add unlimited Quick Links (though it may affect your display on the Main Menu) and Quick Links can also include your favorite websites, images, or files as long as they can be accessed from the machine the link will be loaded on. Also Quick Links can be found in the “left navigation” of VISCO sub-menus as well!

Add MS Outlook Event from Main Menu Calendar: Click on a date and you’ll be able to add a calendar event to your MS Outlook right from within VISCO. Follow on screen instructions to complete the process.


Additional Improvements:

Dynamic Error Handling: Have you seen a red message in VISCO that didn’t make sense? With a new tool, we have the option to change most error messages without additional code work, though the message applies to all of our installs in most cases so each suggested revision is considered as part of a collective decision that will satisfy all our customers. Suggestions are welcome.

August 2014 – Release 4.2 Notes
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