Behind the Curtain: A Human Powered Support Team

Move Away from Spreadsheets

Call me “old fashioned,” but once in a while when I need help, I like to ask other humans. Sure, I can usually get by with a combination of YouTube videos and Google searches these days, but every so often I actually want to speak or text with a person to get my point across […]

Thinking Bigger: Global Trade Data Science

In the future of Global Trade that I see ahead of us, the inevitability of unlimited data access is coming faster than we might suspect. In fact, some might argue its already here. If you already know exactly where your container is on the water, exactly when your customer needs that container and exactly how […]

Addressing the “Two Systems” Concern

Two Systems Concern

How a specialized logistics and distribution ERP integrates with existing Accounting software…successfully As co-founder and head of VISCO Operations, I’m often asked to justify a decision we made 19 years ago when we developed our highly focused logistics and distribution ERP without including basic accounting functions that we ourselves had written from scratch. I have […]