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Behind the Curtain: A Human Powered Support Team
Move Away from Spreadsheets

Behind the Curtain: A Human Powered Support Team

Call me “old fashioned,” but once in a while when I need help, I like to ask other humans. Sure, I can usually get by with a combination of YouTube videos and Google searches these days, but every so often I actually want to speak or text with a person to get my point across and be fully “heard.”

Tim and I believe that most people share this feeling. In our approximation (no real math was done here, I’ll admit) about 90% of all VISCO support problems can be solved without talking to a live person, but should they be? Or maybe, they are already and we just don’t hear about it? In any case, we understand that there are still problems that data, research and YouTube can’t solve, so we happily offer the VISCO unlimited support package with each new contract.

As part of our unlimited support package, you really do get what you pay for: Access to real people that already understand your unique VISCO configuration before you even begin the conversation. During the onboard of each new VISCO instance, your implementation manager will document your specific needs and workflow. They familiarize themselves with your terminology and team members.  When you go live with VISCO, that  information is saved, stored and reviewed with the support team so they have a head start on trying to understand how you’ll be using VISCO. In most cases too, the implementation manger is able to work directly with or contribute as part of that same support team. This “Everyone is on the support team” approach really is the main reason we are able to support customers in various product niches across the Global Trade industry. Don’t believe me? Just check out our reviews about support team here for more.

I’m starting to sound like an informercial for our support team (“Call now and you’ll get a free apple slicer with your purchase!”) but I do believe this team is the heart of our business. With new competition cropping up seemingly every day and “build your own software” options becoming more and more feasible for smaller and smaller businesses, we need to differentiate ourselves more than ever. We can (and do!) really stand out with our decades of support experience in the industry and accessible team members.

Naturally, we will always prefer you visit one of the many automated options for support before picking up the phone, so here is the complete list of options you have available:

  1. Review all the tooltips on the screen you are working on, perhaps the instructions (custom, or otherwise) are already there on the screen with a quick hover over our “I” icons.
  2. Visit our YouTube channel for related training information where short 3–5-minute videos summarize default functionality.
  3. Send a fresh email to our team directly at
  4. New: The “Live Support” link from with VISCO’s Navigation actually allows users to initiate a Zoom screen share with one of our support team members instantaneously.


When all else fails though, give us a call. That is why we are here and we are ready to help.

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