On an SO, I need to invoice only the first three lines, how do I do this?

In Inventory Allocation, for the first 3 lines the Action Column is ‘Release to Logistics’. If you select Proceed, the three lines will be released you can add them to a delivery and ship/invoice The other line has ‘none available’ (meaning there is no inventory available) so for this line, the Action Column displays ‘Do […]

Entering costs in VISCO before goods are in transit. I need to post a cost against a venture that is not yet in-transit. We received the bill and must pay it. But the goods won’t ship for another few weeks. Does a venture have to be in transit in order to post a cost to it?

Yes a venture must be in transit or a least have that status in VISCO. Here is how it is done – create a container and in the container name include the PO number and a note of ‘not in-transit’. When you know the container is in-transit, you can modify the container number and details […]

How are GL accounts setup in VISCO?

In VISCO, GL accounts are setup in Tools, Accounting Administration, Cost Type Code Maintenance and Invoice Miscellaneous Charge Type Maintenance. GL account names in VISCO and the integrated accounting system must match exactly in order for costs to be posted correctly

Which GL account do memo invoices post?

Memo invoices, whether they are credit, debit or sales returns will post to the default account specified in the GL, unless there is a miscellaneous charge added, and then that charge amount will go to the specified account

What is a sales invoice?

A sales invoice is automatically generated when product is delivered to a customer. In VISCO, selecting ‘ship and invoice’ on the Delivery will generate a sales invoice for that customer based on the sale order releases (shipments) on the delivery