On an Invoice, the unit of measure is incorrect, is there a way to change it?

You have 2 options depending on whether the invoice is pending or posted. If posted, you need to do a Sales Return. Then change the unit of measure in the Sales Order and repeat the delivery/invoice process If Pending, use the Cancel invoice function, and it will put the goods back to released to logistics […]

Entering costs in VISCO before goods are in transit. I need to post a cost against a venture that is not yet in-transit. We received the bill and must pay it. But the goods won’t ship for another few weeks. Does a venture have to be in transit in order to post a cost to it?

Yes a venture must be in transit or a least have that status in VISCO. Here is how it is done – create a container and in the container name include the PO number and a note of ‘not in-transit’. When you know the container is in-transit, you can modify the container number and details […]