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May 2014 – Release 4.1 Notes

May 2014 – Release 4.1 Notes

Release 4.1 Notes (available starting Mid-May 2014)

Primary Upgrade:

Required upgrade for all QB Online customers to retain their integration with VISCO. With Intuit’s transition from the Intuit Marketplace to the Intuit App Store (a move to “cloud based” integration services from their traditional SDK approach), developers who are integrating with versions of QuickBooks have been forced to alter their integration code to keep up with the changing requirements of QuickBooks.


Additional Upgrades:

  1. Ability to Undo Receipt of Container if no Ventures on the Container have any final matched or sold inventory.
  2. SO and PO change speed improvements.
  3. Display Venture Status in PO Change summary screen (as opposed to saying “Venture Created”)
  4. Include Link to Workstation setup from Login page.


May 2014 – Release 4.1 Notes
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