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Summer 2008 Release 3.1

Summer 2008 Release 3.1

Release 3.1

Included in this VISCO release is the following enhanced functionality:Container Information: The Center to all Container Management – Key
functionality which was once provided only through separate screens can now be accessed directly from the Container Information screen. Users can Create In Transit, Receive to Warehouse, Inventory Adjust and Delete Ventures all with separate links and selections made directly from Container Information. This one screen has now become the virtual epicenter for all Container maintenance in VISCO.Invoice Maintenance Redesign – The new Contract Management function allows trading companies and brokers the ability to cut data entry in half. This new
functionality allows users to add, edit or delete miscellaneous charges and edit general invoice information in the familiar VISCO webpage format. No longer will
management of invoice information be done through MS Excel, but we have included a new page where these changes can be made instead called “Invoice Maintenance”
Simplifying the Container/Venture Screens – After careful review, the team agreed
that a redesign of the Container and Venture menus was necessary. We choose to reduce the amount of screens and completely remove the separate “Transactions” menu for In Transit and Warehouse work. The Warehouse transfers have also found a new home in the inventory section. We hope you appreciate this design, if you have any additional suggestions we will be happy to consider them during future interface redesigns.

Turn Quote into Sales Order – Available to all VISCO customers, a user can select a
Quote to copy from during SO Assign (similar to PO and SO copy) or from the Quote menu can choose to “Create Sales Order” from a Quote.

Contact Management Updates – Contact grouping, addresses and remarks are now
available for each contact in VISCO. These columns are also available in the Contact scan upon request.

Cost Entry Enhancements – There are new ways to distribute costs (by Invoice, by
Warehouse, by PO) as well as a cost comments field for each cost entered into VISCO. We focused on usability for this “minor upgrade” so lets clicks should be necessary to do cost entry than ever before.

Preallocation Lockdown – Administrators can now decide whether or not a
Preallocation should specifically lock down any inventory preallocated so that it cannot be sold to another Sales Order. Notify your support manager if you’d like this turned on in your installation.

Security Enhancements – Would you like to set your User Passwords to expire after a certain amount of time? If so, how long should it before they expire?

View Map Link – Links to Mapquest with a pre-filled address based on any standard US based address in the VISCO system.

Allow overpayment for all costs on a voucher – This is a new checkbox available from the cost entry screen which, when clicked, will affect all Venture Overpayment checkboxes during a given voucher’s cost entry. By default, all installations will receive this new checkbox.

Outstanding Receivables Report (Traverse Customers only) – a new report is
available from several locations in VISCO including Finances: Accounts Receivable and Customer: Edit. This report draws information directly from the accounting system Traverse to deliver an A/R aging report in VISCO for the entire company or a single customer. This is the first in several attempts to further combine VISCO and Traverse accounting functions into a single ERP system. To see an example of this or have it turned on for your VISCO/Traverse install, please contact your support manager.

Upgrades Available:

Hide fields and Tabs – We now have the ability to hide any fields in VISCO standard
pages (PO Prep, Customer Edit, etc) that are not required in the system. We can also hide entire tabs in the tab based screens as well. A release in not required for this customization.

Custom Field Enhancements – Now custom fields can be programmed to behave in
ways our standard fields cannot. We can require custom fields, auto fill fields on load, or default based on another field’s selection. The possibilities are nearly endless, let us know how you want your custom fields to behave!

Custom Accruals – We’ve made a great deal of progress on developing custom accruals for various customers. We now have a library of accruals to work from that will make any new work significantly less time consuming, so if you are interested in custom accruals, please ask us to give you an estimate.

Inventory Allocation Grid, Cost Entry Venture Grid & Delivery Maintenance
Release Grid
– Some additional columns can now be added to this grid, any can also be removed with a release.

Load Scans based on filter defaults – We can default to ‘Starts With,’ ‘Contains,’ or
‘Equals’ in scans system wide. Default to At Source or In Transit container from

Container Create – We can set a default for At Source or In Transit status when loading the Container Create screen.

Disable Invoice Print Required – By request, we can turn of the current requirement of having Invoices printed before they are posted. Just let us know and we’ll do it that day. Default direct to Container information screen on Container Create – By request, we can now have all users directed straight to our new Container information screen when they create a new container, bypassing our current “Create Container” screen completely.

If you have any questions about these enhancements, would like to learn more about them, or have questions about the progress of your own enhancements, give us a call at 845-383-3800. Thank you for your time and attention, and for being a valued VISCO customer.


Andrew Peck
721 Broadway, Suite 270,
Kingston, NY 12401

Summer 2008 Release 3.1
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