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Summer 2011 Release 3.7.0

Summer 2011 Release 3.7.0

Release 3.7.0

Included in this VISCO release is the following enhanced functionality:

1) Real-Time Inventory Reconciliation Automation – Available with some custom coding/config work for Great Plains, QB and QBOE integrations.

2) Email straight from VISCO – We have made the process of emailing from within VISCO dramatically easier than any previous efforts. Options are now available to send emails directly from the system. This includes real-time (based on a VISCO trigger of some sort), scheduled (automatic hourly, daily, etc.) or manually chosen emails from within the system documents and images tab. Note: options and cost vary based on VISCO install configuration.

3) Venture Analysis Links – Packing List Link – Lots Tab – Clickable Link to Each SO Final Matched/Sold against Venture Lots. Venture Analysis Links – View Product Link.

4) Venture Analysis Links – View Vendor link

5) New Link available from Container and Venture scans – (with limited billable hours)-Track Vessel- with a link to the website pre-filtered with VISCO’s vessel name as long as it matches an active vessel name on

6) QB Integration improvements – for Customer and Invoice mapping – we can pass any visco field into any QB field with changes in a stored procedure rather than code base (no more releases for new transferred fields).

7) Increase Width on Customer, Vendor, Product and Mfg maintenance screen to 90% of screen.

Timothy Peck
Vice President

Summer 2011 Release 3.7.0
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