Choosing the best import and export software for a food distribution company


General “Everything to Everybody” type accounting software is simply not sophisticated enough to manage the complexities of importing and exporting food products. The downside of using general accounting and inventory software is blatantly obvious to anyone who is trying it, so I’m going to skip the reasons why a company would be looking for other […]

VISCO User Conference 2013-email alerts and report


Tim gives examples of how email can be utilized to get critical information to management and sales.  The enhanced integration with e-mail allows users to email documents out out the system, schedule report to be run and emailed at specified times, and send email alert triggers based on certain criteria.  Examples include:   Inventory Report […]

ERP software for Seafood Import Companies


There are some unique challenges to importing and distributing seafood product that can make it challenging to find a solid ERP system that will meet 90% of their needs out of box.  Dealing with Catch weights, tracking product at the lot level, and visibility of inventory position from the packer, on the water, to cold […]