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Using a Vendor Portal to Track Sourcing and Logistics

Using a Vendor Portal to Track Sourcing and Logistics

For smaller operations it can be quite time consuming and difficult to keep track of new vendor offers, product sourcing, finalized Purchase Orders, and inbound logistics through their current system and juggling countless emails. Recently, one of our customers explained to us that thier main goals were to streamline communications, consolidate information, and get up to date inbound logistical information.

VISCO was able to resolve all of these for them by creating a vendor portal. In this portal Vendors are able to log in and see any new request for product sourcing, provide offers for new orders, view finalized purchases orders and build Bill of Lading information.


During product sourcing they are able to provide product details, specifications, Minimum order qualities, shipping terms, and pricing. Creating a Vendor Offer. Once the product source request is completed our customer is able to log in, negotiate pricing or minimum order quantity and then turn that vendor offer into a Purchases order.

Purchase Order:

The vendors are able to use the portal to access Purchase Order information.  They are able to view which PO’s are open and when they need to ship, so they can plan production and shipping schedules accordingly.

Bill of Lading:

Once the Purchase Order is finalized the Vendor can then log into the portal once again and build the Inbound Bill of Lading, indicate container details, along with other inbound logistical information like the port of Loading, the vessel and voyage numbers, attach B/L Documentation, and more.  The benefit is that this takes the data entry work away from the importer while providing better visibility on their global supply chain.  Reports in VISCO allow the importer to see consolidated shipping forecasts for all suppliers.

By giving their vendors portal access this customer was able to consolidate their sourcing process, streamline communications and fast track new inbound shipments.

Additional features could easily be added to this portal as well such as portal alerts to vendors, due date warnings, email notifications and more.

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