Using a Vendor Portal to Track Sourcing and Logistics


For smaller operations it can be quite time consuming and difficult to keep track of new vendor offers, product sourcing, finalized Purchase Orders, and inbound logistics through their current system and juggling countless emails. Recently, one of our customers explained to us that thier main goals were to streamline communications, consolidate information, and get up […]

QuickBooks Integration: Advanced Points of Integration & Add-Ons


Outstanding Receivables and Credit Limit Checks In VISCO most reports will show you information strictly based on what the user(s) have entered into VISCO up to that point, however, there are a few areas in VISCO that will also provide information based on QuickBooks information as well. Specifically, the Outstanding Receivables by Customer Report and […]

Simple Order Management for Drop Ship Importers


As a Drop Ship Company or a company shipping full container loads directly to customers, you do not need to spend time and make mistakes by entering both the sales orders and purchase orders separately.  That type of order entry is fine if you are shipping out of inventory but is a waste of energy […]