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Winter 2010 Release 3.6

Winter 2010 Release 3.6

Release 3.6

Included in this VISCO release is the following enhanced functionality:New Release highlights

1. Multi Product Venture Warehouse Transfers– A new interface allows selection of portions of multiple ventures to be transferred at the same time under a single transfer number and document set.

2. Multi Product Offers – A new interface for Offers (Vendor Pricing) entry allows multiple products to be stored and maintained for a single offer. Previous single-product offers still available upon request.

3. User Permissions and User Filter on Alerts – Alerts can now have specific user permissions and filtered results based on the user viewing the filter.

4. Ability to change Product during Container Maintenance – From the container maintenance screen, you can change the product (and create a PO change record automatically) based on the standard rules for product change in VISCO. Some configuration may be required to set this up.
New Features:

1. Issue Sales Orders and Purchase Orders in Batch (through new link on SO/PO menu)

2. Users can now edit Delivery Information for a delivery that is already shipped.

3. Ability to have multiple ship from locations on a single Delivery – A system controls the previously required restriction of adding only releases from one warehouse into a single delivery.
Coming Soon:

Kitting / Bill of Materials Functionality

Significant Enhancement of Inventory/COGS Reconciliation automation with Accounting System (Great Plains and QB only)

Timothy Peck
Vice President

Winter 2010 Release 3.6
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