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Winter 2011 Release 3.8.0

Winter 2011 Release 3.8.0

Release 3.8.0

Included in this VISCO release is the following enhanced functionality:ENHANCEMENTS included with this Release:1) Product/Item information can be passed to QuickBooks– For our QB customers, we can now pass Item information into QuickBooks as we do with Customers and Vendors. We can modify the mapping on each install as well, so please let us know where you want your fields to go. We can pass item detail on a sales invoice now (as opposed to the current VISCO Product method) with the proper configuration of your installation. Note: This does not include creation of PO, SO or Inventory Management in VISCO.

2) Available from Allocation Screen – Create Delivery for all new releases on this page. When checked, VISCO will automatically create the delivery for the shipments you have just chosen to allocate (and set to ‘Released to Logistics’ in VISCO). You can also choose whether you want to have the checkbox be checked by default or not.

3) Auto email Improvements – With some configuration work, each VISCO customer (web service or network) can now send emails through VISCO automatically that include attachments such as VISCO documents and live VISCO Custom Reports.

4) Copy Offer and Copy Offer Price Terms – For those using VISCO Offer features, the Copy Offer feature will be added automatically to your install with release 3.8.0. If you are set to use single-product Offers, you will also have the option of copying from one price term to another for those offers by default.

5) Default All VISCO scans to ### numbers of Records on Initial Display – Our standard was previously 20, but now per installation, you can choose how many records to display by default on the scan screen when it initially loads. Just let us know if you want to change from the standard 20 and we’ll change it free of charge.

6) Select Multiple Products during Warehouse Transfer filter – Via checkbox selection, to alleviate speed issues with warehouses storing hundreds of products.

7) Added Flexibility in QB Vendor and Cost Entry transfer – Now virtually any field in VISCO can be transferred to a QB Vendor or Cost Entry field without a new version of the application. We have the ability to create custom transfers for each customer and have drastically reduced the programming and lead time associated with integration changes in this area of the system.

8) Container Custom Fields – We now have the ability to add unlimited custom categories and fields to Containers as was previously available tin VISCO entities like Customer, Product, Purchase Order, etc. Through code, we can modify any existing custom accruals or other functionality to work off custom fields in the Container rather than borrowed fields from the Container General Information and Trans Shipment Information tabs.

9) Display Invoice total Amount from Ship and Invoice screen.
If you have any questions about these enhancements, would like to learn more about them, or have questions about the progress of your own enhancements, give us a call at 845-383-3800. Thank you for your time and attention, and for being a valued VISCO customer.


Andrew Peck
721 Broadway, Suite 270,
Kingston, NY 12401

Winter 2011 Release 3.8.0
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