Getting shipment and inventory status into the hands Sales and Customer Service


Some customers come to us wondering how they can better track their shipment status. They would like for their Sales team to be able to see inventory that is in transit and available to sell to customers, and track shipments when customers are asking for updates. Customer Service teams want to be able to send […]

What to Expect During Your Software Training


One of the final steps in any ERP implementation is going to be your training and is usually done the week before the expected go live date.  The training can be done online or onsite although at VISCO our customers request us to come onsite for the training approximately 80% of the time. Online Training-When […]

Xero Integration Now Available


We are proud to announce that VISCO now also integrates with Xero accounting software ( The integration itself will function very similar to the QuickBooks integration with the following integration points:   1-Customer Validation-As new customers are added in VISCO, or changes are made to existing customers, those changes get reflected automatically in Xero 2-Vendor […]

How VISCO Integrates with QuickBooks


There are 4 points of integration with QuickBooks: Customers, Vendors, Invoices and Vendor Bills. CUSTOMERS and VENDORS: When you need to add a new Customer or Vendor into the system, you would add them in VISCO first. When updating, VISCO checks QuickBooks to see if the Customer or Vendor exists. If not, you are prompted […]