How to Calculate Landed Costs


Some customers come to us asking how we can help them have a better idea of what items are going to end up costing once landed when not only the cost of materials are considered, but also other miscellaneous charges such as freight, drayage, warehousing, etc. will impact the total cost of an item. A landed […]

Addressing the “Two Systems” Concern

Two Systems Concern

How a specialized logistics and distribution ERP integrates with existing Accounting software…successfully As co-founder and head of VISCO Operations, I’m often asked to justify a decision we made 19 years ago when we developed our highly focused logistics and distribution ERP without including basic accounting functions that we ourselves had written from scratch. I have […]

Choosing the best import and export software for a food distribution company


General “Everything to Everybody” type accounting software is simply not sophisticated enough to manage the complexities of importing and exporting food products. The downside of using general accounting and inventory software is blatantly obvious to anyone who is trying it, so I’m going to skip the reasons why a company would be looking for other […]

Simple CRM software for import/export and distribution business

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The challenge for most small businesses considering implementing CRM software is getting people to actually use it. If sales people feel like they are wasting their time by typing their activities into a computer then they will quickly give up and move on to activities that make them money. We have found the solution to […]

How software can simplify compliance for wine importers and distributors

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  Regulations around wine importing and distribution create lots of paperwork and consume lots of time especially if they are done manually.   Mistakes can be expensive and even cost you your license.   Fortunately, the right industry specific software can assist in creating the reports and documents needed to satisfy state and federal wine and […]

Why Spreadsheets Destroy Importing Companies

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No one will debate that Microsoft Excel has been one of the easiest to use and most effective tools for small importing businesses to keep information in the last 20 years. However, because this tool is so easy to use, many importing companies lean too heavily on spreadsheets as their primary system for keeping track of shipments, […]