Customer Relationship Management in VISCO

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Many of our customers come from using spreadsheets to manage their customer data, promotions, samples, specification requests, quotes and then the follow up of each. In VISCO we have created a module for CRM, so that everything is in one place, visible to everyone with permissions within the company and trackable. VISCO CRM has 3 […]

How an importer gets automatic container status updates in their ERP software


In Visco you can track the status and shipping dates on all containers manually or through the integration that we offer with Marine Traffic. Using the Marine Traffic integration means that you can turn on tracking per container and the status and container information will be updated. This is extremely beneficial to our customers because […]

CRM tools for Global Trade


Many times customers come to us looking for a software that will help them manage orders, logistics and finances. But some customers also want a way of managing opportunities they might have to engage new customers or track conversations or deals with vendors. VISCO can help you keep turn more interactions into actual profitable contracts. […]

Using VISCO in China

China and Usa

Many VISCO customers will have offices in China or will work with third party sourcing agents in China.  In addition, when traveling through China users will regularly want to check inventory levels, check order history or the status of existing orders. A common complaint that we receive is that when the application is hosted in the […]

VISCO now integrated with Railinc Rail Sight railcar tracing service

We are excited to announce the new integration available with Railinc’s Rail Sight Tracing product.  Rail Sight records railcar and intermodal equipment movements on more than 550 rail carriers throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico in near real time around the clock.   The integration with VISCO allows for scheduled “trace’s” which will periodically […]

Running VISCO Software in Mac OS X


Kevin, our tech support specialist put this together today after spending the day testing the system in the Mac environment to help users understand how the system may function differently in the Mac environment. Running VISCO in native Mac OS X: VISCO software will function on a Mac running OS X, however any Windows Active […]