How to Calculate Landed Cost


Landed Costs are used to define the true actual cost to bring goods into inventory.  This is generally considered a more meaningful value when calculating profitability on sales than using just the FOB cost or the cost paid the supplier. Calculating Landed costs is of extreme importance to a company importing and distributing goods because […]

Save Money on Ocean Freight by Maximizing Cargo Space

freight ship with cargo containers

VISCO has recently set out to provide another solution to a common customer problem. Many of our customers are looking for a way save money on ocean freight costs by maximizing the cargo space in the containers they are shipping.  To accomplish this they are able to set Carton and Pallet information at the product […]

Integration with TrueCommerce EDI


True Commerce is an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange system) used by many companies to send orders to their vendors. Some of the companies that True Commerce works with are Amazon, Walmart and Target which require use of this program to fulfill their orders. These companies use True Commerce to send and validate purchase orders à […]

Limitations of using Microsoft Excel to manage inventory

In the start up phase many companies will use Microsoft Excel manage inventory as it is a simple to use software and most people are comfortable working in that environment.  While volumes of transactions remain low and information only needs to be managed and seen by one person this solution will work quite nicely.  However, […]

Secrets to Inventory Planning and Replenishment reporting for Seafood Distributor


We recently had the opportunity to work with a supply chain consultant who had been hired by a seafood importer and distribution company.  They hired him to help them with a some challenges they were having around keeping the appropriate stock on high volume items, making sure that they would not run out of product […]

How to Calculate Landed Costs

Companies that import and distribute goods have more to consider in their Cost of Goods Sold calculation than just the cost of the material itself.  Typical Landed cost calculations will include Material Cost Duty Ocean Freight Drayage Customs Broker Fees Port Exam Fees Commissions Some companies will also include warehouse costs in the landed cost […]

User Conference 2013

“Software in The Cloud, Conference in The City” When: Wednesday, May 8th-Friday, May 10th 2013 Where: Affinia Manhattan Hotel, 371 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10001 What to expect: Wednesday May 8th (9:00AM-5:00PM) Introduction to VISCO 4.0: Custom Interface Options – Combining tabs, renaming tabs or eliminating tabs Improve Workflow – Where does each field belong?  Do I […]