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Email Integration

One of the most common questions that new VISCO users will ask is to clarify how the integration with email works. Considering the number of variables and options, it makes sense to document these options and present them in our blog. To start with, it is important to understand the options available in terms of what the email address will be for the sender and what the email receiver will see. One option is that we can use a custom email address as the sender which can be integrated with your existing emailer service. So if your domain is you can have an email address such as To establish this will require an integration with your emailer service. Another option is to […]

Trace Register Integration

We are excited to announce that we have worked with the Trace Register team to develop a fully integrated traceability solution.  VISCO users that are currently selling into or would like to sell into high end grocery store chains can benefit from this integration. Trace Register offers digital traceability on food products ultimately allowing consumers to fully understand the origin of their food along with the supply chain used to get it there.  Many of the higher end Retailers are now requiring their distributors to provide them with Trace Register information to be able to sell to them. The integration allows VISCO users to post invoices as they normally do, but in addition to posting invoice information to QuickBooks (or other accounting system), the […]

Interface Redesign

VISCO 5.0 Interface redesign scheduled to release in Q2 2017   The VISCO Development Team is hard at work on the interface redesign project.   What are the improvements? Several Design improvements will streamline to order entry, reduce overall clicks by 40-50%, improve load times on the pages and improve the usability of the application.  We have eliminated many of the sub menu’s and instead are moving more of the menu options into the edit screens themselves so the user no longer has to move through the steps of processing Sales and Purchases in a linear process. Technology Although we are keeping the database in SQL Server, we have elected to move the application layer into VB.NET and the front end into HTML5 and AgularJS.  These newer […]

Ten most useful VISCO Reports survey results

Do you ever wonder if your company is using VISCO to it’s full potential? Based on some prompting from an active customer, we decided to poll the existing user base to find out what reports users find most valuable and useful and pass this information along. Although there were a lot of answers for very specific and custom reports, they didn’t make the top ten list unless they were widely available in most installs. If you have questions about how to find these reports or you do not see them in your install, please let us know and we will help. #1-Gross Margin Detail-Custom Report This is a custom report available in the default install and displays sales, […]
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    Strange but effective software tool used by plastics distributor to reclassify material

Strange but effective software tool used by plastics distributor to reclassify material

We were recently approached by a plastics distributor who was looking for a simple way to reclassify material using the VISCO software. Sometimes they buy material under one product ID/product description and either combine it with another material or just reclassify that product and sell it as another product. They explained that when buying and selling scrap material it is common for the supplier to classify it one way but when they receive the material and analyze they realize it in fact makes more sense to sell it as something else. For example, if they purchase material described as PET green flake, and then they receive the material in and realize it has some paper mixed in and […]
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    Secrets to Inventory Planning and Replenishment reporting for Seafood Distributor

Secrets to Inventory Planning and Replenishment reporting for Seafood Distributor

We recently had the opportunity to work with a supply chain consultant who had been hired by a seafood importer and distribution company.  They hired him to help them with a some challenges they were having around keeping the appropriate stock on high volume items, making sure that they would not run out of product but also not over order so they would have to sit on expensive (and perishable) inventory for long periods of time. The consultant explained that due to the long lead times of buying product from South East Asia and selling in the United States they needed to be able to forecast out inventory availability many months in advance.   He explained that to come up with the right numbers […]

Running VISCO Software in Mac OS X

Kevin, our tech support specialist put this together today after spending the day testing the system in the Mac environment to help users understand how the system may function differently in the Mac environment. Running VISCO in native Mac OS X: VISCO software will function on a Mac running OS X, however any Windows Active X functions will be disabled in this environment, which means Excel documents and their data will lose some interactivity with the client database. Specifically, reports and documents that use refresh, email, proceed, print buttons, etc, will not be able to use these button in the native Mac OS X environment.  Document information can be downloaded and viewed successfully in Excel on the Mac, and if a client […]

Getting Started Guide for new employees

When our implementation manager, Chad Mallozzi, join our team we trained him on how to use the system.  As he went through our training, he took really good notes which he modified into a guide that can be used for any new employee who will be working with the system. I thought it would be a good idea to post here so any of our customers can share with new employees as they come on board as a starting point before the one on one training begins. The VISCO Getting Started Guide for new employees   Key Words and Terminology Because without this knowledge, nothing makes sense… Import Terms · C Of A – Certificate of Analysis – Certificates of Analysis are essential to provide all the required […]

10 Simple Ways to Get More value out of VISCO

One of the things I wish we did more of is to let our customers know what other customers are doing to get value out of the system.  Below is a list of 10 recent projects that  could be implemented easily and inexpensively for anyone:   1-Create Competition between Sales Reps: Have a scheduled email sent directly from the system which goes to all Sales Reps every month showing how much each sales rep sold in the previous month and YTD 2-Drive Activity to Inactive Customers-From the home page have an “Alert” so everyone can see a list of “Inactive Customers” that show no invoices, sales or quotes in the last 6 months.  These customers can then be thrown back in the “Available” list for […]

Credit Limit Handling in VISCO

One of the questions that I receive most often is what options are available to help manage customer credit limits in VISCO.  This is one of the more flexible areas of the system with lots of options available:   Integration with QuickBooks-For the credit limits to have any use, we need to know the open balance from the accounting system.  Although VISCO offers integrations with several accounting systems, as of this writing we only offer credit limit integration with QuickBooks.  So the credit limit is set in VISCO but then anytime we need to check the customer balance against their limit we pull the open balance in QuickBooks plus any open orders in VISCO that have not been posted to QuickBooks and compare that to […]