Simplified Sourcing and Drop Shipping for Contract Manufacturers

shipping containers

  A contract manufacturer or copacker will typically take a customer requirement and contract with overseas manufacturing facilities to produce that item.  We normally see this process managed with series of Excel spreadsheets which is lends itself to inefficiencies and potential for mistakes in data entry. Described below is the workflow in VISCO from customer […]

Email Integration


One of the most common questions that new VISCO users will ask is to clarify how the integration with email works. Considering the number of variables and options, it makes sense to document these options and present them in our blog. To start with, it is important to understand the options available in terms of […]

Simple Order Management for Drop Ship Importers


As a Drop Ship Company or a company shipping full container loads directly to customers, you do not need to spend time and make mistakes by entering both the sales orders and purchase orders separately.  That type of order entry is fine if you are shipping out of inventory but is a waste of energy […]

Getting Started Guide for new employees


When our implementation manager, Chad Mallozzi, join our team we trained him on how to use the system.  As he went through our training, he took really good notes which he modified into a guide that can be used for any new employee who will be working with the system. I thought it would be […]