How to Calculate Landed Costs


Some customers come to us asking how we can help them have a better idea of what items are going to end up costing once landed when not only the cost of materials are considered, but also other miscellaneous charges such as freight, drayage, warehousing, etc. will impact the total cost of an item. A landed […]

How to improve efficiency using VISCO vs. QuickBooks and Excel Spreadsheets

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A lot of our customers come over to VISCO after using a combination of excel spreadsheets, email and QuickBooks, in order to conduct business. Using multiple interfaces that are not available to everyone in the company at all times, can be restrictive and inefficient.  A lot of companies complain about a back and forth between […]

Data Entry Just Got Faster-A History of the VISCO interface

Global Trade Businesses should use ERP Software

From time to time we have solicited feedback from users on what they would like to improve about the software.  The most common request from the past 15-20 years has been to simplify the user interface and allow users to enter orders faster.  The problem was that the workflow in the system was so fundamental […]

Addressing the “Two Systems” Concern

Two Systems Concern

How a specialized logistics and distribution ERP integrates with existing Accounting software…successfully As co-founder and head of VISCO Operations, I’m often asked to justify a decision we made 19 years ago when we developed our highly focused logistics and distribution ERP without including basic accounting functions that we ourselves had written from scratch. I have […]

Preparing Your Data for the Initial Data Conversion

Initial Data Conversion

Typically we will bring in the lists of Products, Customers, Vendors, Warehouses, Freight Carriers, and Contacts during the initial data conversion.  Although complete data history can also be imported, this is not typical due to the added cost required to do this work during the implementation along with the fact this data can still be […]

Upgrades to the Mobile App

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In January of 2017 we are releasing a new version of the mobile platform. The new platform has an improved user interface, added CRM functionality including the ability to create and manage Inquiries and Quotes. In addition, the new app has tighter integration with mobile features already built in from the device including emailing and […]

What to Expect During Your Software Training


One of the final steps in any ERP implementation is going to be your training and is usually done the week before the expected go live date.  The training can be done online or onsite although at VISCO our customers request us to come onsite for the training approximately 80% of the time. Online Training-When […]

Interface Redesign

Interface Redesign

VISCO 5.0 Interface redesign scheduled to release in Q2 2017   The VISCO Development Team is hard at work on the interface redesign project.   What are the improvements? Several Design improvements will streamline to order entry, reduce overall clicks by 40-50%, improve load times on the pages and improve the usability of the application.  […]

Why QuickBooks/Excel is not the best choice for importers

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QuickBooks has over 3 Million customers so Intuit is doing a lot of things right.  The QuickBooks software is generally considered the easiest accounting software to learn and use.  In addition to having an intuitive user interface, the elegant simplicity of the software itself makes it an easy choice for any new company starting out. […]