Automatic Container Tracking

Automatic Container Tracking

VISCO now offers automatic container tracking service so customers have visibility on where their containers are from the moment they leave the supplier to the moment they are delivered to the warehouse or to the customer.  The live container tracking service includes ocean, and rail, giving users real time updates on the status of the […]

Inventory Flow Report


The Inventory Flow Report assists our customers with completing warehouse reconciliation. Here is a brief overview of its function: The user sets a date range to run the report. For the example below we used 6/1/2021 – 6/30/2021 in order to reconcile inventory for the month of June. There are filters to view inventory from […]

How to Calculate Landed Costs


Some customers come to us asking how we can help them have a better idea of what items are going to end up costing once landed when not only the cost of materials are considered, but also other miscellaneous charges such as freight, drayage, warehousing, etc. will impact the total cost of an item. A landed […]

Get freight quotes and book freight in VISCO

We are excited to finally go live with the our integration.  If you have moved to the new 4.0 version you have probably already noticed the little icon  in the Sales Order, Quote, Container and Delivery maintenance screen.  Clicking this link allows you an opportunity to view freight carriers that are available to ship […]

Choosing the best import and export software for a food distribution company


General “Everything to Everybody” type accounting software is simply not sophisticated enough to manage the complexities of importing and exporting food products. The downside of using general accounting and inventory software is blatantly obvious to anyone who is trying it, so I’m going to skip the reasons why a company would be looking for other […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Certificate of Analysis Module

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If you have ever gotten yourself in trouble for sending a customer material that was out of spec, or you are tired of embarrassing yourself by cutting and pasting your logo onto a Chinese Certificate of Analysis document and sending that to customers then its probably time to take a closer look at the Certificate […]

How to Forecast Inventory as an Importer


The challenges that distributors face in forecasting inventory are multiplied exponentially when those distributors are sourcing product from overseas.  The following factors must be considered when forecasting the availability of inventory for imported goods. Purchasing: Production Time-This information will need to come from the factory but if you are regularly re-ordering the same products then […]

Credit Limit Handling in VISCO

Credit Limit Handling in VISCO

One of the questions that I receive most often is what options are available to help manage customer credit limits in VISCO.  This is one of the more flexible areas of the system with lots of options available:   Integration with QuickBooks-For the credit limits to have any use, we need to know the open balance […]