How to Calculate Landed Cost


Landed Costs are used to define the true actual cost to bring goods into inventory.  This is generally considered a more meaningful value when calculating profitability on sales than using just the FOB cost or the cost paid the supplier. Calculating Landed costs is of extreme importance to a company importing and distributing goods because […]

The Power of Using Accruals to Estimate Landed Costs


Accruals in Visco are an estimated cost, usually applied to a Purchase Order, Container or Bill of Lading, that acts as a place holder for costs that will be applied once an invoice is received from a vendor. Something like a Storage Charge can be applied as a line item on a Purchase Order. Or […]

How to Calculate Landed Costs


Some customers come to us asking how we can help them have a better idea of what items are going to end up costing once landed when not only the cost of materials are considered, but also other miscellaneous charges such as freight, drayage, warehousing, etc. will impact the total cost of an item. A landed […]



VISCO’s 5.0 CRM module allows you to track Customer and Vendor Opportunities, Sourcing Request, Customer Quotes as well as manage contacts.   The Opportunities module in VISCO that allows you to track potential prospects (leads) for sales or purchases.  Within Opportunities VISCO can track Sample request, product pricing request, specification request, and more. Each opportunity […]

CRM tools for Global Trade


Many times customers come to us looking for a software that will help them manage orders, logistics and finances. But some customers also want a way of managing opportunities they might have to engage new customers or track conversations or deals with vendors. VISCO can help you keep turn more interactions into actual profitable contracts. […]

Using the Price Estimator tool to calculate profit on a potential contract


A lot of our customers are looking for a way to predict Latest Projected Cost, before even quoting the customer. This way they can charge the appropriate amount to their customers,  and can estimate their profit. We created a tool just for this called the Price Estimate Tool. In the sourcing request in VISCO, you […]

Tracking and Costing Inventory at the individual unit level

shipping containers

One of the more unique offerings from the VISCO software is the granularity of the inventory tracking.  Of course individual unit level tracking is not for everyone, but if your inventory  varies in terms of value, weights or sizes from piece to piece then finding a software that can manage this is quite challenging. An […]

Xero Integration Now Available


We are proud to announce that VISCO now also integrates with Xero accounting software ( The integration itself will function very similar to the QuickBooks integration with the following integration points:   1-Customer Validation-As new customers are added in VISCO, or changes are made to existing customers, those changes get reflected automatically in Xero 2-Vendor […]

Section 301 Tariffs and Surcharges


As section 301 tariffs continue to change, we have improved our system handling of these charges to increase flexibility for future tariffs. As an added feature, VISCO users can now indicate specific section 301 list numbers, assign appropriate HTS item numbers for each list, as well as the assigned ship from countries, and the dates […]

The components of landed cost


  The landed cost is a term used by importers to calculate the real cost to bring a product to their door.  This is a more accurate view of the cost of a product then just looking at the cost you pay a supplier to buy product from them.  How the landed cost is calculated […]