10 Simple Ways to Get More value out of VISCO


One of the things I wish we did more of is to let our customers know what other customers are doing to get value out of the system.  Below is a list of 10 recent projects that  could be implemented easily and inexpensively for anyone:   1-Create Competition between Sales Reps: Have a scheduled email […]

Getting Started Guide for new employees


When our implementation manager, Chad Mallozzi, join our team we trained him on how to use the system.  As he went through our training, he took really good notes which he modified into a guide that can be used for any new employee who will be working with the system. I thought it would be […]

Ten most useful VISCO Reports survey results


Do you ever wonder if your company is using VISCO to it’s full potential? Based on some prompting from an active customer, we decided to poll the existing user base to find out what reports users find most valuable and useful and pass this information along. Although there were a lot of answers for very […]

How to Calculate Landed Costs

Companies that import and distribute goods have more to consider in their Cost of Goods Sold calculation than just the cost of the material itself.  Typical Landed cost calculations will include Material Cost Duty Ocean Freight Drayage Customs Broker Fees Port Exam Fees Commissions Some companies will also include warehouse costs in the landed cost […]

International Plastics Trading Software


In the Plastics Trading business, the life blood is sales and purchasing.  Buying and Selling Plastic globally requires trader’s easy access to information that can impact their customers.   If you’re selling recycled or virgin product, delays in the supply chain can be detrimental to the relationship so it’s important that the company act fast. Commissions […]