What to Expect During Your Software Training


One of the final steps in any ERP implementation is going to be your training and is usually done the week before the expected go live date.  The training can be done online or onsite although at VISCO our customers request us to come onsite for the training approximately 80% of the time. Online Training-When […]

Using VISCO in China

China and Usa

Many VISCO customers will have offices in China or will work with third party sourcing agents in China.  In addition, when traveling through China users will regularly want to check inventory levels, check order history or the status of existing orders. A common complaint that we receive is that when the application is hosted in the […]

Configuring VISCO to fit your company

Integrated with QuickBooks

Although the intensive configuration of the system is typically done during the implementation process, the configuration tools can be used to customize the software (typically without requiring a programmer) at any time. The intensive configuration is typically done once the install is up and the data conversion is complete.  These meetings are done with the […]

Get freight quotes and book freight in VISCO

We are excited to finally go live with the our Frightquote.com integration.  If you have moved to the new 4.0 version you have probably already noticed the little icon  in the Sales Order, Quote, Container and Delivery maintenance screen.  Clicking this link allows you an opportunity to view freight carriers that are available to ship […]

VISCO now integrated with Railinc Rail Sight railcar tracing service

We are excited to announce the new integration available with Railinc’s Rail Sight Tracing product.  Rail Sight records railcar and intermodal equipment movements on more than 550 rail carriers throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico in near real time around the clock.   The integration with VISCO allows for scheduled “trace’s” which will periodically […]

Choosing the best import and export software for a food distribution company


General “Everything to Everybody” type accounting software is simply not sophisticated enough to manage the complexities of importing and exporting food products. The downside of using general accounting and inventory software is blatantly obvious to anyone who is trying it, so I’m going to skip the reasons why a company would be looking for other […]

Simple CRM software for import/export and distribution business

Business growth chart

The challenge for most small businesses considering implementing CRM software is getting people to actually use it. If sales people feel like they are wasting their time by typing their activities into a computer then they will quickly give up and move on to activities that make them money. We have found the solution to […]

How software can simplify compliance for wine importers and distributors

Web Assistant

  Regulations around wine importing and distribution create lots of paperwork and consume lots of time especially if they are done manually.   Mistakes can be expensive and even cost you your license.   Fortunately, the right industry specific software can assist in creating the reports and documents needed to satisfy state and federal wine and […]

Running VISCO Software in Mac OS X


Kevin, our tech support specialist put this together today after spending the day testing the system in the Mac environment to help users understand how the system may function differently in the Mac environment. Running VISCO in native Mac OS X: VISCO software will function on a Mac running OS X, however any Windows Active […]