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Implementation & Support Specialist
Implementation & Support Specialist

Implementation & Support Specialist

Job Requirements -Implementation & Support Specialist



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Software Implementation and Support Specialist


VISCO software was designed specifically for importers and distributors.  This Enterprise software helps importers manage shipments, purchasing, sales, inventory, and accounting




The position of Software Implementation and Support Specialist is vital to the success of each installation of the import software.  The candidate must be willing to work closely in a team environment and capable of close interaction with upper management to help meet specific customer needs.


An Implementation and Support Specialist is responsible for making sure the implementation of this software is a success.  This means working closely with new customers to get them up and running using the application as well as helping to support them once they are using it.  The position also involves close interaction internally with management as well as the development team to help convey the customer’s needs and turn that into tasks that developers can work from.


Duties & Responsibilities:


As the Implementation and support specialist you will start working with a customer as soon as we receive a contract for a new order and will spend the next 3-6 months working with that customer to help them understand how to best utilize the system.   It is also critical to gain a better understanding on how the customers do business so you can help the company customize the system to better fit their business.


This position involves significant travel to customers within the United States and limited travel to customers Internationally.  Typically towards the end of the implementation you will travel onsite to the customers office and provide them with 2-4 days of training, sometimes followed up by another onsite visit 30 days after they go live to review reports.


Once the customer is up and running and using the system you will also work with the support team to help resolve problems as they come up.  You will also be working with the customers during and after the implementation to uncover opportunities to further customize the software


Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:


-Basic or advanced understanding of accounting concepts and best practices

 -Strong organizational and project management skills

 -Technical skills in Microsoft SQL server and VBA are a huge plus

-Strong knowledge of Microsoft Excel is a must

 -Enthusiasm, Energy, professionalism and the ability to work in a fast paced cooperative team environment

 Attention to detail

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