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Release 3.5.1

Release 3.5.1

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Following is an explanation of the new features and tools available with the next release 3.5.1 scheduled for November 2010:Mass Import


You now have the ability to import large quantities of data through spreadsheets saving yourself the time of entering records one by one.  This will save you time by not having to enter the records one by one in the interface.  Some examples include the ability to imports lists of Products, as well as Inquiries.


Combo Box/Scan Search


You now have the ability to search lists more easily with the new combo box search scan tool.  The system will now auto fill scans as you type, eliminating the need to open up the scan box to search lists.  There are lots of custom configuration options available here as well.


Accounting Integration Administration


Now you can turn your accounting integration on and off within the interface.  This will cut down on the need for VISCO Support relating to the accounting integration.


VISCO Mobile


Access VISCO from your iPhone or Blackberry!  Simple mobile interface allows  you to quickly access the information that is most important to you while on the road.


Turn Multiple quote lines into one SO


Simplified copy option to reduce data entry when multiple quotes are turned into a single Sales Order.


Reason for return in Sales returns


You now have the ability to capture the reason for a return when doing a Sales Return to avoid future returns and this feature can also be used to go back to the manufacturer to receive credits.

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