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Summer 2013 Release 4.0

Summer 2013 Release 4.0

Release 4.0

VISCO 4.0 Improvements – July 2013

Several improvements are available with VISCO 4.0; primarily in a feature we call the “Customize Display” options. The details of new configuration options included with these changes are listed below. When a customer is upgraded from their previous version of VISCO to version 4.0, they are given the option of upgrading to the “Old Standard,” which allows them to maintain exactly the same tab and field layout as the one they had in their previous version, or the “New Standard,” which is a streamlined version of VISCO which eliminates fields and consolidates tabs in a way that has proven much more user-friendly to all our test/beta customers running 4.0.  Once a standard is chosen, we suggest a 1-2 hour training/config session with primary VISCO users to review their needs, configuration notes and make interface changes ‘on the fly.’

To view a full description of the features available in VISCO 4.0, please watch our 2013 User Conference videos at (please subscribe to VISCOsoftware on YouTube as well):

To view 4.0 in action, contact your VISCO support representative for login information on our test site.

Major Functional Options included in the “Customize Display” feature

Custom Interface Options
Combining tabs, renaming tabs or eliminating tabs

Level 1: Screen Layout (Modifying Headers, Tabs and Fields)

  • Add/Remove/Move Fields
  • Header Changes
  • Multiple Columns in a tab
  • Screens available- Product, Customer, Vendor, SO, PO, Container, Inquiry

Level 2: Additional Custom Options

  • Warning messages on fields
  • Tool Tip messages on fields
  • Fields can be required
  • Set default values for fields
  • New Control Types – Multi-select list box.
  • New Control Type – Custom Fields can be addresses, dates, combo boxes, etc.
  • Tabs can have “labels”
  • Editable fields in Header
  • Trailer Text
  • Permissions – can assign permissions to a field based on Users permissions to another screen in VISCO
  • JavaScript (automatic field response options)– On Click, On Blur, On Change, On Load
  • Width Controls
  • Enable/Disable field change & label display
  • Visible or Hidden
  • Password fields

Pages affected:

  • Container
  • Product
  • Customer
  • Vendor
  • Manufacturer
  • Sales Order / Line / Shipment
  • Purchase Order /Line / Shipment
  • Inquiry

Additional 4.0 Functionality

1. Freight Quote access: As part of VISCO 4.0, customers will be given access to our access portal, allowing VISCO users to quote, book and track freight for a SO, Container or Delivery directly though VISCO.

2. Multi select for Container in Transit and Container Receipt

3. Ability to Apply Date of Adjustment to Inventory Adjustment (additional report modifications may be required)

4. Add Purchase – side Trader to Contract Entry Screen

5. Documents as PDFs

6. Improved Browser Support – Safari, Chrome, IE 10

7. Access to Scan Maintenance through Tools: Account / System Tools

Andrew Peck
721 Broadway, Suite 270,
Kingston, NY 12401

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