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VISCO Survey Results
VISCO Survey Results

VISCO Survey Results

Survey Results

Customer Quotes
We sent out a survey to our current Customers in early July 2009. The results are in and here is what our Customers have to say about using VISCO:[VISCO is]…”great to make quick decisions and to have all organized. ” – Xavier Salazar, Santa Barbara, Inc.[VISCO is]…”very responsive.” – Lowell Thomas, SMC North America

[VISCO is]…”very logical and I like the layout.” – Nikki Divers, Unicorn Ingredients Limited

[VISCO is]…”a user friendly management tool.” – Neil Caplan, Ludwig Mueller Co.

[I would]..HIGHLY recommend – your software greatly improved our ability to better control our inventory scheduling. And, of course, I love the way you guys handle your business in dealing with the client!” – Misty Dunn, Graphite Electrode Sales

[VISCO]…”seems to have the most useful elements to conduct most business activities. Smaller importers with relatively simple business models can benefit from VISCO for certain.” – Mark Majors, TDI Global

[VISCO is a]…”much better inventory system than we had in the past due to lot number tracking.” – Terri Kent, Graham Chemical Corp.

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