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Release 3.5

Release 3.5

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Release 3.5 – May 2010
Release 3.5 – May 2010  

New Release highlights

  • Skip steps, faster data entry
  • Create Bill of Materials
  • Dashboards


New Features:

Create Bill of Materials-This is phase one of the new kitting module in VISCO.  You are now able to create assemblies in VISCO and designate what components and how many of each component make up that assembly.  This information can be used in documents as well.  Coming in the next release is the build function where the kit can be assembled.

Dashboards-You will notice this new functionality immediately.  Now when users log in they will have a second browser load containing that user’s dashboard items.  Dashboards are graphical representations of reports and alerts for quick and easy access to the most critical information for that user.

Foreign Currency Cost Entry & Accruals-New functionality allowing users to accrue and enter costs in foreign currencies.  Although you have always had the option to buy and sell in foreign currencies, you now have the ability to manage costs and send foreign currency information to the accounting system directly from VISCO.

Automated lot entry and package information entry-have the system create lot numbers for you and enter all of your packaging information, saving you the data entry in initial packing list entry.

Auto-allocation from Container Information screen-Skip the allocation step by having the system auto allocate based on pre-allocation or just pull from the oldest inventory automatically.  This will save data entry time for users shipping direct from customers or users wanting to auto fill back orders.

Access to Exchange Rates (SO and PO Prep)-Easier access to modify exchange rates on Sales Orders and Purchase Orders by managing the exchange rate directly from the Purchase Order and Sales Order preparation screens (Note-this will only appear if the user has permission to modify exchange rates.)

Add Miscellaneous Charges during Ship and Invoice process-Skip invoice maintenance all together by managing misc charges from the ship and invoice screen in the Delivery.

Add View Invoice during Ship and Invoice process-Also preview your invoice documents directly from the Ship and Invoice screen in Delivery

Batch Printing Available for Invoices-Print out invoices in batches and avoid invoice maintenance and printing one by one

System Generated Delivery Numbers-Have the system generate your delivery numbers for you.

Add Thumbnail product images in product scan-View a thumbnail image of your products directly from the product scan so you can preview a product before clicking into it.

Add Links to external websites or places in VISCO from scan-This may take some creative vision to take advantage of, but you can now link to external websites or link to any other screen in VISCO (including specific records) from a scan.

Order full containers-Save money by ordering full container loads.  The system can help you calculate your total CBM and weight for each PO to help ensure that you are ordering the optimal qty’s to utilize container space.

Optimize container space-A new tool available to help you build containers.  By selecting the container size and then filling it with orders, you can check the total CBM and Weight against the total container CBM and Weight capacity making sure you best use the space on the container.

Copy Quote to Quote-Now available the option to copy quotes from previous quotes.

Multi Company selection in a Dropdown-Manage multiple companies in VISCO by selecting from a drop down list during log in.

User level Alerts-Create Alerts for specific users which can be hidden from other users.

Documents and Reports:

Gross Margin Detail by Salesperson-See how profitable each sales rep is and calculate commissions based on gross profit using the new Gross Margin Detail by Salesperson report


New Docs available for any warehouse transfer-Now you can generate documents during a warehouse transfer.  Some examples would be a delivery order or a warehouse release document.

Price Estimator Enhancement-New enhanced functionality in the Price Estimator tool in the Offers module.  Cleaner interface and the ability to create price estimates based on material costs from vendor quotes, plus estimated addition costs, plus various mark up percentage options.

Total Sales by Customer-Summary of total sales by customer

Coming Soon:

VISCO Mobile-Access your VISCO information from your Blackberry and iPhone.  Simple mobile interface to access inventory availability, see what you have on the water, on order with suppliers etc. integration-Get immediate freight quotes and book inland freight directly from VISCO


If you are running the network version of VISCO we will contact you to schedule your release.  The release to webservice customers is scheduled for the evening of May 4th.   Some set up costs may apply to some of the new functions.  If you are interested in adding any of the new functionality please contact our support group:

Timothy Peck

Vice President

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